evection process

The Eviction Process – Do’s and Don’ts

As a landlord, you will inevitably have to deal with the eviction process. It’s never fun, for you or the tenant. But there are ways to prepare, so you can make things go as smoothly as possible. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you navigate the process. What You Should Do: Try to … Continued

tenant retention

How to Improve Tenant Retention in Warren, Lincoln or St. Charles County

Anyone can become a landlord. But not everyone knows how to find and keep quality tenants. To help increase your overall ROI, we have put together some ideas to help improve tenant retention! In the simplest terms, the more turnovers you have, the more days your property will be vacant. The more days your property sits vacant, the … Continued

Are You Struggling To Get A Hold Of Your Tenants?

Are you struggling to get a hold of your tenants? You call, you text, you email… but they don’t respond? It can be really frustrating to deal with tenants that don’t communicate with you about important matters.  At Next Page Properties, we’ve helped a lot of homeowners through this problem… counseling them on how to … Continued

How do I sell my house with plumbing problems?

Does your Missouri house have plumbing problems that are weighing you down? Are you wondering how do I sell my house with plumbing problems? Unfortunately, the longer that plumbing problems stick around, generally speaking, the more damage they’re going to do. For example, a leaky pipe creates mold and a dripping faucet can drive up … Continued

5 Renovations That RARELY Give You A Healthy Return On Your Investment

Well, before you pick up the hammer, here are 5 renovations that RARELY give you a healthy return on your investment. Beware…  1. Plumbing Or HVAC — Buyers only really care about what they can see, so unnecessarily upgrading to PEX when you have functional plumbing or upgrading an HVAC unit that has been serviced … Continued

Can’t afford to stage your home for selling?

Can’t afford to stage your home for selling?  Many buyers today expect the homes they’re viewing to not just be clean and in good quality, but they also want them to be staged — this means the furniture and appliances match the home, look brand new, and improve the overall aesthetic of the property.  To … Continued